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On a beautiful Monday morning , my hiking buddy and I decided to try some new trail.

So we decided to try the Eagles nest and Beacon hill hike.

Difficulty: 5/10 due to the uphill climb up steps

Duration: 2.5 hours

How to get there: take the MTR to Prince Edward and exit at C1. Then turn right and walk straight to the number 81 bus stop. Alight at the Shek Lui Pui reservoir stop.

We saw the board stating Eagle’s Nest Nature Trail so we decided to follow the trail. We climbed up the steps that took us to the start of this beautiful hike.

We came across monkeys along the way but we just ignored them and carried on.

The path was beautiful and rugged.

Got to see the reservoir from the trail above.

We continued on our path, walking through the brownery and greenery.

We came across a grave and als got beautiful views.

Got to see some beautiful flora and fauna along the way too.

We finally came to a resting place where we got a lovely view of the city below and had some hot tea and an Indian snack called Theplas brought sweetly by Sheetal.

We continued up the steps to our left and climbed and climbed. 😅

We came across the trail map for Beacon hill and followed this sweet Chinese lady up the steps. Luckily we had fuel in our tummies.

And we climbed and climbed.

But the views were absolutely stunning as we climbed higher and higher.

We continued and then found a tiny gap where we got fantastic views. We sat and had our second cup of tea.

We continued towards Beacon hill after replenishing our energy with tea.

We reach the radio station summit and walked towards Lung Yan road.

We found a mound and climbed over it and got some lovely views again.

We then walked towards the bus stop on the right and took the bus to the Wong Tai Sin MTR and took the train back home.

What a lovely hike it was!!

Do try it, however it’s not stroller friendly and also be careful if you take your pets as there are monkeys along the way.

But all in all it’s a beautiful hike and the right company makes it even more enjoyable. 😊

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