Stanley Ma hang Park to Chung Hom Kok trails – Easy

Sunday is a lovely day to spend in Stanley, whilst the husband and son went for mass at the St. Anne’s church, I decided to find my divine intervention by spending some alone time in nature. I walked to Murray house near the Blake pier and came across this beautiful, well maintained Stanley Ma Hang Park and as usual curiosity always gets the best of me and I found a little path taking me a secluded part of Chung hom kok beach.

Duration: 1 hour

Difficulty: 2/10 as you’ve to walk through a rugged path, duck under branches of trees

How to get there: take the number 14 bus to Stanley or the 6, 6A, 6x from Exchange Square to Stanley Market. Then walk through the market to the Stanley promenade and then near Murray house to the Stanley Ma gang park.

I found a sign that said Pak Tai Temple so I walked in search of that first and came across beautiful flowers.

I kept following the instructions and finally reached the temple.

There are steps that lead to a lovely expanse of blue sea. Saw people posing and chilling on the rocks too.

Post the temple I followed the Sea View terrace arrow and continued on my way.

Came across interesting creepy crawlies.

I kept walking straight and then found a very beaten path.

Also came across boars rummaging for food. If you don’t disturb them they won’t harm you.

I didn’t take the steps but turned left and followed the beer can path.

I continued and I could see the sea ahead. It was beautiful.

Came across this baby too.

I sat for a bit on the rocks. There were three dirty golden retrievers owned by the residents there who were busy repairing their boats but no need to worry, they won’t bite.

I walked back the same way, happy to have chanced in this new path.

Do try it if you want some solitude. Better alone without kids. If you take your kids then stick to the park. This is dog friendly too.

Happy hiking people!

2 thoughts on “Stanley Ma hang Park to Chung Hom Kok trails – Easy

  1. Hi Charmaine, thank you for this post! I was at Stanley just last Sunday but didn’t get to venture beyond the temple due to the hot weather and time constraints. Glad to see what was beyond that point and hope to be able to get back there again.

    1. Most welcome Chiaki. You’ll end at a beach, it’s pretty though there are two dogs and some boats. But lovely place to just sit and enjoy the waves in solitude

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