Atop Victoria Peak – Medium

When it’s a rainy morning, it’s best to hike up the Victoria peak. But this time we decided to hike right to the summit. And so we did just that, my Hiking Chicks and me.

How to get there: Take the MTR to Central and exit at J2 and keep following the Peak Tram sign and then walk up the Tramway Path.

Duration: 2.5 hour up and down the same way

Difficulty: 6/10 cause it’s all slope but a good workout

Keep walking and follow the central green trail path.

Then take Barker road 22-28 and keep walking down that road.

Walk towards the peak tower and then head on towards the road to your left called Mount Austin Road.

Keep walking up the slope. If you wish to take a break there’s the beautiful Victoria garden and there are toilets there too. But we kept walking as curiosity got the better of us.

We came to two paths so we explored the path which led to a dead end.

And then we took the final path which led us to the summit of Victoria peak. It was flat and green and we got a fantastic view of the city , though it was extremely foggy and grey.

It was absolutely wonderful reaching the top of Victoria peak.

This is not a very arduous hike. It is stroller friendly, pet friendly too. But it is a steep slope and the entire trail is sloped.

If you want a good workout and toned buttocks, do try this hike 😁.

Happy hiking !

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  1. Such a beautifully depicted post through pictures and words. Have u also tried the High West trail to go up from the Peak? Fantastic 360 degree views of the island.

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