Pottinger Peak Country Trail ( via Shek O Road to Siu Sai Wan – Leaping Dragon) – Easy

Summer holidays have begun and how do you entertain an 8 year old sod…take him hiking. So today my son and I decided to do a short hike before I packed him off to summer school.

How do you get there: Take the MTR to Shaukeiwan and exit at A3. Then take the number 9 bus to the Tai Tam Gap correctional institute stop and walk up the steps of the Shek O Country Park.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Difficulty level: 2/10 a bit sloped but otherwise extremely easy

Take the Big Wave Bay path and keep walking straight.

We came across a sit out area at the initial start of this trail.

We then walked through the Mount Pottinger catch water path and followed the sign that stated Siu Sai Wan.

We saw loads of butterflies along the way and got some lovely views.

We then took the route stating Cape Collinson and climbed up the steps.

We continued up the path.

We reached a sign that stated view compass so went there and got a view of the lovely sights from Pottinger Peak viewing point.

The views were spectacular. We continued downhill via the steps that we sighted. It was a long way down.

Finally we reached down and then we took a right and got some lovely views again.

We then found another set of steps and walked down. Came across a resting area.

We continued down the slope and then came across another flight of steps.

We got some lovely views again and walked down the steps to a mini temple too.

We finally reached the end and the board stated Leaping Dragon Trail.

We took the right and walked towards the Island Resort where there’s a bus depot. There are loads of buses that one can board. However we took a cab home.

This was a lovely , non strenuous-hike and I enjoyed spending time with my son.

A must try family hike which is pet friendly too.

Happy Hiking!

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