Mount Parker to Hong Kong Park View Via Wong Nai Chung path – Medium

It was a sunny Monday when I decided to do this trail. It’s a pretty tough hike as there are loads of steps to climb but the views are fantastic.

Difficulty: 7/10

Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes

How to get there: Take the MTR to Taikoo and exit at exit B or Quarry Bay Exit A.

You need to walk up Mount Parker green trail.

Keep walking and then you will come to a set of steps climb that, it’ll take you to the Cecil Rides path.

Keep climbing upwards. You will across tiny places of worship created along the trail. It’s lovely.

When you come to the Cecil’s Ride board take the right and keep walking till you come to a stairway to heaven literally on your right.

Came across a lovely stream along the way and recorded this sight.

Keep climbing.

You will come to the Radio station sign. Keep following the path and cross the bridge to climb another set of steps.

The views are lovely. The sky, the harbour …. just magnificent.

Came across a humongous centipede that hid in the grass.

Keep climbing … yes that’s the only way if you want to get the best views.

Lovely flowers and red leaves along the way.

You will then come to boards pointing in different directions. Follow the Wong Nai Chung Gap board.

There are distance posts indicating that you’re on the Hong Kong Trail as well as the Wilson Trail.

Keep walking. You will see the hills in the distance.

The sights are fantastic even in the heat. Yes it was extremely but I enjoyed this trail.

Finally came to a plaque which gave details about Jardine’s lookout and world war history.

Finally came to the end of the trail. Then walked towards the Wong Nai Chung Gap Road and took a bus to North Point.

This was an absolutely stunning hike. Tough but doable. But yes not for the faint hearted and not for those who can’t bear the heat.

Happy hiking!

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