Hong Pak caves – Quarry Bay – Tai Tam Country Park – Medium

Lovely Sunday morning started with Hiking with the husband and my 9 month old Canine son.

Difficulty level: 7/10 this is tough and is tougher post the rains as it’s all climbing up a steep rugged slope with only trees as support.

Duration: 2 hours

How to get there: Take the MTR to Taikoo and exit at B then go towards your left and go straight till Greg’s Road. Walk up the path and follow the sign stating Wilson Trail Stage 2.

Enter the path and soon you will see steps climb up a few steps and take the right.

Keep walking on this path . It was nice and cool and quite shaded.

We went down a step and crossed over to the other side.

We kept walking straight till we came to a set of steps on to our right.

We came across kilns used during the world war by the Hong Kongers.

We then took the left and started our climb. There were ribbons tied to some trees so we followed that.

We kept climbing and climbing.

It was lovely this rugged path with trees and flowers frowning wild.

Got lovely pictures of the hills and sky which was a beautiful blue.

My Dougie sweetly led the way and even stopped to check on me.

Finally the end was near just a bit more to see this hidden cave.

I ventured a bit inside but was not covered enough as I didn’t want to be covered with spiders.

We then climbed a bit more to reach a straight path.

Finally we reached the board that stayed Hong Pak Trail.

Instead of taking the path onto mount Parker we decided to walk down the slope towards Kornhill.

It was nice and shaded and it was a good respite after the sweaty climb.

We came across more kilns of the war.

Got some lovely views along the way.

We finally ended at where we started.

This was a fantastic hike.

But will next time try going through the cave to find out where it ends…. for that I need courage 😁.

But do try this one.

Happy hiking!

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