Aberdeen Reservoir to Lady Clementi ( Via Wan Chai Gap Road) – Easy

Friday the 11th we decided to hike up Wan Chai Gap Road to Aberdeen Reservoir as we hadn’t done it before. It was a beautiful hike I must say.

Difficulty level: 4/10 except for that steep Wan Chai Gap green trail

Duration: 3 hours

How do you get there: Take the MTR to Wan Chai and exit at A3. Cross the road and walk through the Wan Chai toy street.

The climb up Wan Chai Gap is steep but it’s not too long thankfully.

We then crossed over to the police Museum and entered Mount Cameron road and there was the start of the Aberdeen Country Park.

We walked to the upper reservoir first.

We continued towards the Upper reservoir. Got to see lovely turtles and fish and got some lovely views.

We stopped at a barbecue and had some nice hot ginger tea with lovely Egyptian sweets and some biscuits.

We decided then to go to the lower reservoir so we headed down.

Got some lovely views again.

We then reached a sign which said Aberdeen nature trail so we decided to follow that path.

We got to see some more turtles and fish and then continued on our way.

We decided to take the Lady Clementi route and got some lovely views.

We came to the sign board which said Nam Fung or Middle Gap Road so we took that and kept walking on that path.

We kept walking and took the Nam Fung route .

Came across some lovely flora and fauna along the way. Beautiful crab, butterflies, mushrooms and even a tree with spikes.

We finally reach the end.

We walked towards the bus stop and took 41 A to the North Point Ferry and then took a train from North Point home.

This was a lovely hike.

Good long walk with lovely company!

Do try it.

Happy hiking and please do not litter!!

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