Lei Yue Mun Ferry ride to Devil’s Peak – Easy

One sunny morning I decided to take the ferry across from the Sai Wan Ho Pier at the East of Hong Kong island as I wanted to climb the peak that I saw across the harbour.

How to get there: I took the Ferry to Sam Ka Tsuen from Sai Wan Ho ferry pier at Soho East. It’s a 15 minute ride across.


Duration: 2 hours

Difficulty: 5/10 as there are steps to climb from the Chinese Permanent Cemetery Road.

The views are lovely of the harbour and you can see Kowloon across.

After getting off the ferry I took a right and kept walking towards the Lei Yue Mun Estate on Koi Chiu Road.

I crossed the Bus Terminus and walked through the estate till I came to a sign stating Chinese Permanent Cemetery. I saw steps decided to climb them.

Came across beautiful flowers along the way and a Temple whilst I climbed up these steps.

I kept on walking straight up.

Finally came to this point.

I spotted more steps and then decided to take the beaten path up to reach the top of Devils’ Peak.

Finally I reached the top and got to see the remnants of the battery site of World War II.

I even shot a small video of the site atop this peak.

I got lovely views and clicked a selfie with my hiking buddy too.

We then went to the battery portion at the lower level of Devil’s Peak. Curiosity as usual always gets the better of me and I decided to find out what was in those abandoned, run down rooms.

I shot a video of this site too.

We then decided to go back the same way we came.

On the way down came across ruins too.

It’s a bit eerie and it gives you a haunted feeling but it’s worth it.

Then at the end just followed the signs and we took the ferry back to Sai Wan Ho Pier.

I have done this hike before.

But that was through the streets of Yau Tong, this is more adventurous and fun way to visit the Devil’s Peak.

It’s very educational for children too if they are interested in history.

Enjoy this hike people.

Keep hiking!

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