Mount Davis Path – Historical Walk – Easy

Today I decided to just take an Uber and find the Mount Davis path. It is filled with ruins of wartime structures and gun armaments of the World War 2. It was used by the British till the Japanese bombed this site in 1941.

Difficulty: 5/10 lots of climbing through shrubbery and steps to climb.

Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes approx as the curious me had to visit every structure.

How to get there: number 1 bus which starts at Happy Valley. Refer to the CitybusNWFB app for more details. Alight at the Mount Davis Path stop.

Easiest is take an uber or a taxi and specify Mount Davis Path.

So I started walking up the slope. Spotted this old iron ring.

I took the left and followed the sign. I spotted these steps and climbed and found this old dilapidated structure.

I went on my way and found more structures along the way.

I followed these old steps and went through the dirt path.

Found red arrows marked on a tree and followed that path.

Had to climb up using the ropes but I finally reached the first battery.

Ensconced in bushes I found another structure. I scratched my hands and legs but I had to get to it. It was hidden.

I followed the arrow and went on my way. I then came across another path and climbed up the steps. Found some more structures.

And as I climbed higher and higher I came across more ruins.

Felt I was in a maze.

I climbed up the steps and came towards the concrete slope.

I saw more and as usual curiosity got the better of me and I stumbled upon more structures.

I climbed up the the slope and followed the arrow and came across another battery.

Came across some Police training near the Youth Hostel.

Where ever I found a path I just took it and found a structure.

Pushes branches to see this one.

Found a sitting out area too.

Something hidden behind the bushes.

Got some lovely views of mount Davis when I climbed one structure.

After finishing with all these structures I walked down the path I came and took the Victoria road path down.

Got to see the toilet used by the soldiers in 1941 too. Besides the modern mobile toilet.

I continued down the Victoria Road path and came across trees fallen and I had to jump over them.

And on this path found some structures too.

Got some lovely views.

I walked down the steps till I reached Victoria road and then I took a right and kept walking down the road. There are buses. But if you keep walking straight down you’ll come to a sign stating MTR.

I passed by these lovely banyan trees embracing the walls with all their might. I kept walking and finally reached Kennedy Town MTR.

This was a fantastic hike for me. It was more a historical trail walk with a climb. It was eerie as I was alone on the path but I said my prayers and ended on a very happy note.

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  1. What a interesting place. I don’t even know this place existed even I am from HK. Thank you for taking us with you & posted the info how to get there.

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