High Junk Peak – Medium

Fridays are Tough Hike days and we decided to do just that we decided to hike up a very crooked peak and also climb over the other two to get back to Tseung Kwan O.

Difficulty: 7/10 because of the steep climb with bare hands. It’s a bit risky but a great feeling.

Duration: 2.5 hours

How to get there: Take the MTR to Tseung Kwan O (purple line) and exit at Exit A1 which is very close to the bus terminus.

Take the 103M Mini bus to Ng Fai Tin stop. Let the driver know. It’ll stop opposite the start of the trail.

We climbed up the steps and we were into a beautiful country trail. We followed the sign Tai Miu.

We kept walking up stone steps and the rugged path.

Spotted beautiful flowers along the way. We kept walking straight.

There are two trails one for mountain biking and the other for walking, we took the country trail.

This is beautiful trail. Very much what we enjoy.

We kept following the Tai Miu Route.

Finally we came to a bench where we could click a picture of the group.

After that we spotted an arrow to the left and we decided to follow that trail. That route takes you to the second peak called the High Junk Peak.

And the climb isn’t easy , be ready to be a monkey and go backwards in time in evolution as you need to use your hands.

Once you reach the top you feel absolutely great. It gives you a sense of achievement.

The views are absolutely stunning. We had to climb down to climb up the other peak we could see in the distance.

And we could see the high junk peak from the other side. Woah not at all easy.

We had to bushwhack our way through the beaten path to reach the other peak.

Finally we came to the path where we passed half away and followed the 2 km board that stated Mang Kung Uk.

We continued on the country trail which took us to where we started the hike.

We waited for the 103M bus at the bus stop. However there are various buses to take you to the MTR.

This was a fantastic hike. Not for the faint hearted. And especially during summer you need to be well prepared with sufficient water, sun screen, hat and some fruit or snack.

Must try hike for the lovely scenic views from the top of Clearwater Bay, Lohas Park and TKO.

Happy Hikin’!

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  1. Is there any option to go around (circular) the High Junk Peak trail instead of ascending and descending High Junk Peak instead? I am looking for an easier route and want to avoid the steep descent from High Junk Peak. I have been to Lung Ha Wan so wanted to explore other nearby trails

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