Black Links Trail -Easy

Tuesday is a day for easy trails and so I took my Hiking Chicks to the Black Links Trail. It was a rainy day and we wanted to do a short hike, so this was perfect.

How do you get there: you take the number 15 bus that goes to the Peak just outside Admiralty MTR exit C1 Queensway Plaza to the right. Alight at Wan Chai Gap Road stop which is opposite the start of the trail.

Duration: 1 hour maximum

Difficulty: 1/10 it’s very easy and stroller friendly

And we started our walk 16 ladies.

Came across cats. Here’s cat number 1.

And lovely views though it was a rainy day.

There is a lovely sitting area for a picnic too.

We continued straight on the trail and followed the Wong Nai Chung Gap sign.

There are distance posts here too. Caught sight of some different flowers.

And here’s cat number 2 and 3 posing especially for me.

Lovely rock structures adorned the path.

We continued straight,clicked a few pictures.

We walked down the slope towards the end of the trail and spotted lovely flowers, lovely houses and also a vintage Rolls Royce.

Finally we reached the bus stop where there are loads of buses that can take you to Central and also number 63 takes you to the North Point Ferry terminal which is close to the North Point MTR.

This was a very short trail unlike the usual ones. But we finished just in time before the rain gods decided to send their blessings in abundance on Hong Kong.

Do try this trail especially those with babes in Prams. Do be careful with your dogs as there have been cases of dog poisoning on this path. But otherwise it’s a lovely walk.

Happy Hiking people!

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