Tai Tam Reservoir Hike to Mount Parker – Easy

The husband suddenly decided that he needed some exercise so he pulled my two sons aged 8 years and 8 months in tow with his wife and we hiked up Tai Tam on a hot Sunday morning.

Difficulty: 5/10 only because of slopes

Duration: Approx. 2 hours 20 minutes with an average pace

Approximately 8 kilometres hike

How to get there: Take the number 14 bus from Sai Wan Ho MTR exit A bus stop and alight at Tai Tam country park , Tai Tam Road. Do not forget to tap out as you get an HKD 2.8 rebate.

Cross the road and the trail starts. Toilets at the start and water and juice dispensers too.

What a crowd ! We kept walking straight.

There’s a dog latrine too for those who hike with their Canine children.

We kept walking. Saw a barbecue pit. That’s the first pit.

We came across another sitting area.

We came across another barbecue area where we’ve hosted loads of barbecues during winter. Do try it.

We kept walking taking in the lovely views and we took the path stating Wong Nai Chung Gap.

That’s where your climb begins and also that’s where we really started to sweat. Found some more sitting areas and picnic spots.

Here to get to see lovely fish in the lovely greenish blue water.

We followed the path and took the right.

Such lovely greenery…they resembled Broccoli.

And now we climbed again.

Follow the distance posts… you’ll never get lost.

And up we climbed amongst the flora and fauna. Saw beautiful butterflies on the way.

Finally we knew we were close as we spotted the 500 mt. Sign for the toilets.😁

And the end of the climb was in sight.

We reached Mount Parker.

Caught sight of these lovely flowers.

So after taking a breather, we walked down Mount Parker and back home.

A lovely Sunday hike if you feel like being in nature. Do try it people.

Also this was not the clearest of days.

On the clearest days you’ll get views like below.

Yes you’ll get absolutely stunning sights on a bright, sunny clear day.

Tai Tam Reservoir Country Park is a must do. You can do it with family, with your kids, with baby in tow, dog etc. You will love it.

Happy Hiking people.

4 thoughts on “Tai Tam Reservoir Hike to Mount Parker – Easy

  1. Hey there I wanna do this trail this weekend. Can you actually show me a map route as I’m not entire sure where this ends. Any help would be great. A google map link would be helpful or something.

    I’ve done it before but I just went with signs and followed along but yours seems to be a good specific route.


    1. Hi Jonathan, the trail ends at quarry bay. After reaching the top of mount parker via tai tam, keep walking down the slope. You will end pretty close to the quarry bay mtr.

  2. Hi Charmaine, I got a particular landmark should be along the Tai Tam hiking trails but can’t find any information. Just wonder if you will have ideas of this. I can send you the photos of the landmark, do you think you can help?

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