Quarry Bay country park – Hong Kong Observatory

Quarry Bay country park – Hong Kong Observatory

So today being Friday and it seemed balmy I decided to take my Hiking Chicks to the ‘ balls’ that’s the Hong Kong Observatory atop Mount Parker which is at an elevation of 440 mts approximately.

Difficulty: 5/10 because it’s all walking uphill a steep slope

Duration : 2 hours at an average pace with stops

How to get there: Take the MTR to Taikoo station and exit at B and walk towards the Mount Parker green trail.

Just keeping walk up till you reach the top and you come across a sitting area, toilets on the opposite side.

Then you proceed towards your left up the slope.

That’s my Dougie sitting sweetly waiting for the others.

It was extremely foggy so we felt we were walking in the clouds.

We couldn’t sight the balls .

But it was a lovely workout and it was beautiful even with the fog.

We even came across a beautiful spider web ( photo courtesy Sarika)

We saved Lina from this Wood centipede insect thingy

And also got to spot a beautiful butterfly relaxing.

Sometimes these little things make one happy.

Do try this hike right upto the top.

It’s a great workout and it’ll be fantastic on a sunny day.


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