Mount Parker – Up Mount Butler – Easy

One rainy Wednesday I decided to Hike up Mount Parker with my Canine son Dougie in tow. We both needed the exercise so away we went.

How do you get there: Take the MTR to Quarry Bay and exit at A or to Taikoo and exit at C.

Difficulty: 4/10 all slope and 599 steps up Jacobs ladder to Mount Butler

Duration: Approximately 2 hours with stops as I had my sniffer with me

Spotted graffiti of declaration of love whilst climbing up Mount Parker 😁.

Lovely views and sounds of nature will greet you on this climb.

There’s a lovely barbecue area too where you can take a break.

I’ve climbed Mount Parker over a 100 Times but I do enjoy this trail. If you want a firm behind it’s worth it.

There are boards along the way which give you detailed descriptions on the trees and the insects that you may meet and greet along the way.

Finally we reached the top of Mount Parker.

We decided to climb up to the top of Mount Butler. A bit risky as it was raining and my super enthusiastic canine son pulls we extra zest but we did climb it.

Got some lovely views whilst climbing .

Dougie pulled me with all his strength so I couldn’t climb at leisure… felt I was in a trail run.

There were resting points along the climb up to Mount Butler. But it’s better to continue the climb and rest at the top.

Finally the end was in sight.

We didn’t continue towards Jardine’s lookout and turned back to go down after Mr. Dougie Rangel decided to rest.

On a sunny day this is what you’ll see from the top

We then continued down the steps again …that was scary😱.

Spotted this family of wild boars on the way too.

Finally we reached the end of Mount Parker where we started.

I enjoyed this short hike with Dougie. Getting wet in the rain was fun too.

This hike one can do with kids … you can skip the Mount Butler part.

Happy hiking people!!

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