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The Dragon’s Back (Traditional Chinese: 龍脊) is a ridge in southeastern Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong, between Wan Cham Shan and Shek O Peak. It lies within the Shek O Country Park. In 2004 the Dragon’s Back Trail was selected by TIME Asia as the best urban hiking trail.

– Wikipedia

So one gloomy Tuesday morning my Hiking Chicks and I went hiking and we decided to climb Dragons Back. I’ve done it many times but this is one hike I really enjoy doing.

How do you get there: Take the MTR to Shaukeiwan (island Line ) and just outside exit A3 is the bus terminus. Take the number 9 bus to Dragons Back or To Tei Wan stop.

Duration : approximately 2 hours

Difficulty : 4/10 lovely rocky terrain and beaten path

The first part is a climb up steps but not too difficult. You get lovely views at the start itself.

We kept climbing and took the Dragons back trail.

More steps…

We came across lots of marble along the path and lovely flowers too.

Finally some flat land.

Lovely rocky path along the way and also came across my favourite Chinese New Year flowers.

We followed the sign that stated dragons back.

We took a picture break and took in the lovely view before we carried on towards the craggy path.

We could spot a golf course from up.

We had to climb this rocky patch. Love hikes like this.

We clicked another group selfie. We could see a part of the Dragons Back that we climbed. So beautiful.

Finally we reached the top of the back and got some lovely views.

We continued on the trail and came to a place where you get even better views and there are benches where you can just relax, have a cup of tea. Just take in the beautiful sights and sounds of nature.

We then headed downwards.

We followed the sign that stated Tai Tam Gap

This was a beautiful walk, roots of trees that resembled snakes growing wildly along the path.

The walk is long but enjoyable. You need to be alert whilst walking lest you trip and fall.

Also you will come across lovely trees in bloom with leaves of varied shades.

There are distance posts along the way which are useful.

Thankfully a toilet post suggesting a loo was close by. It was a cold, windy day 😁.

We followed the sign that stated to Tai Tam Gap Road. Maybe big wave bay next time. There were toilets at the end…not the cleanest so carry your tissues etc. But if you’ve got to go then you’ve got to go.

We finally came to the board that stated Shek O country park and crossed over to the number 9 bus stop.

This is a fantastic hike that you can do with kids. This is a must do hike in Hong Kong.

Happy hiking !!

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