Sir Cecil’s Ride to Braemar Hill ( Via Mount Parker) – Easy

It’s a rainy Monday morning and instead of sitting at home decided to do an easy hike. So I walked from home to the start of the Mount Parker green trail.

How to get there: Take the MTR to quarry bay and exit at A or to Taikoo and exit at B.

Walk towards the Mount Parker green trail.

Duration : 1 hour 30 minutes

Difficulty: 3/10 only the slope up Mount Parker is a tad steep.

Keep walking up Mount Parker. There are a lot of boards which gives information on the birds and insects that you’ll come across.

I decided to visit the Woodside education centre which is an old heritage building of Hong Kong.

Saw a lovely banyan tree and the Chinese New Year flowers which are in plenty on this trail.

Post that I walked up Mount Parker to get to Sir Cecil’s Ride

I passed the Quarry Bay tree walk sign and kept climbing the slope.

Found a nice barbecue area , a sit out area and clean toilets.

It was a rainy day and the fog covered the lovely sight.

Finally I reached the start of Sir Cecil’s ride.

The path was wet but the sights were lovely .

I came across loads of the Chinese New Year flowers which are in bloom in February.

I continued on the straight path

It was wet and foggy but I enjoyed every bit.

Got to see spider webs that looked like icicles.

And more of these Chinese New Year flowers

I continued straight, if you take the steps to your left you will reach the Wong Nai Chung trail. I didn’t want to do an arduous hike. I wanted to chill and enjoy the flowers and the rain.

Beautiful colours along the way.

I came to an intersection and walked towards the Po Luen Path

I decided to take the morning trail as I would have ended my hike soon with that path.

Walked a new path and saw such beauty

I reached a nice sit out area and then took the left and continued.

I continued till I came to a board which said morning walkers garden. I went straight.

I came across a lovely brook along the way .

Finally I came to the end of this path.

I continued towards Braemar Hill.

That was a beautiful walk too.

Lovely greenery and more of the CNY flowers.

Beautiful flowers along the way

I came to a board which stated Jardine lookout and Braemar Hill but I continued on the Braemar Hill path.

Passed some more beauty.

I walked down the slope and reached the mini bus bus stop and also the city bus bus stop on the opposite side.

So I took a number 85 bus and reached home. It takes you to an MTR too.

This was a lovely relaxed hike. I enjoyed walking in the rain.

You can do this one with kids too. They’ll really enjoy.

Happy hiking !!

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