Stanley Twin peaks and Violet Hill

Stanley Twin peaks and Violet Hill

Come Friday and my Hong Kong Hiking Chicks do tough hikes and we started February by doing just that.

We decided to hike up only Stanley Twin peaks but ended up climbing Violet hill too.

How do you get there: We took the number 14 bus from Sai Wan Ho MTR exit A bus stop till Stanley market which stops opposite Pacific Coffee and then took 6 to Wilson Trail Stanley gap which stops bang opposite the start of this hike.

Duration : 2.5 hours at a decent pace with an eating break

Difficulty: 7/10 because it’s over 2800 steps to climb along with rugged terrain

Lovely views whilst climbing the steps to Stanley. Every 100 steps is marked so we knew how many steps we climbed.

Stanley twin peaks are steep as there are 1369 steps to climb but you’ll feel extremely proud after having climbed these peaks.

We came to a little sitting and took a short break.

Then we climbed up again.

What lovely views, what a lovely path …we saw beautiful flowers , rugged terrain adorned the peak.

Climbing we did

And finally we had finished the Stanley twin peaks.

We felt that was too little a climb so we decided to conquer Violet Hill and away we went.

(If you want to stop with only hiking the twins you can take the path to Tai Tam Reservoir or you can take the path to Repulse Bay)

Violet Hill, also known as Tsz Lo Lan Shan (Chinese: 紫羅蘭山, literally meaning violet (flower) hill)

We saw loads of Violet flowers atop this hill. Lovely pink bells hanging from their stalks.

We could see the twins from the other side and realised Whoa we climbed a lot!

The Violet Hill climb was arduous too but we enjoyed it.

But the views were absolutely stunning. We could see Tai Tam Reservoir from atop the hill.

And a little more to climb and we were at the acme of Violet Hill.

We then took the Hong Kong Park view path down.

The views were still as stunning as ever…lovely green foliage.

And we were finally at the end. Two hours twenty minutes of sheer physical and mental strength. But we ladies did it.

Yes this is a tough hike but if you do push yourself you can do it. You need a strong heart and strong legs for sure 😁.

Happy Hiking!

Nam Cheung Country Park Trail

Nam Cheung Country Park Trail

Nam Cheung Country Park is in the New Territories, Hong Kong near Fanling but it is a trail worth visiting.

It is absolutely stunning with a lovely waterfall, bumbling brooks and a Deep pit pool. I hiked up this lovely trail on a cold 6 degrees Saturday morning with three friends and we came back rejuvenated and happy with our new discovery.

How to get there: We took the MTR from Sai Wan Ho to Quarry Bay and interchanged to the Tsuen Kwan O line ( purple line) to take the train to Yau Tong , then from Yau Tong we interchanged to the Whampoa line ( green line ) and took the train to Kowloon Tong. From Kowloon Tong we interchanged to the East Rail line I.e Lo Wu/ Lok Ma Chau line and alighted at Fanling station. The total train journey was over an hour.

From Fanling MTR we went to the mini bus terminus and took 56 K where the driver told us that Nam Cheung Country Park was just a 10 minute walk away.

Difficulty : 7/10 loads of rocky steps, steep climb and rocky terrain

Duration: 3 hours with tea stop and spending time at the waterfall

We saw Nam Cheung and walked down the road.

We spotted a heron on the way and this lake.

Some beautiful sights on the way .

We spotted a sitting area and a public toilet too.

Finally we came to the start of the trail.

We started our climb.

Started with steps.

We came across lovely bamboo.

We continued climbing.

Rocky terrain graced our path.

Distance post 2501 passed still over 10 to go.

Loads and loads of rocky steps on the way.

Distance post 2502 done.

We came to a lovely waterfall. This was just a part of it.

We sat there and had steaming hot tea with cookies.

We came to this sign board and walked toward Tan Chuk Hang.

We kept walking and then saw the beginning of this wondrous waterfall.

We had to climb down rocks and catch on to branches but it was worth it. It was awesome.

This was the path we entered to go to that waterfall.

We continued up the steps again.

We came to a sign board and followed the path.

We met a group of fellow hikers too who lived in the New Territories.

We got lovely sights and sounds as we hiked up this trail.

We were really high up. It felt like that.

Thanks to distance posts we knew we were on the right track.

We decided we didn’t want to climb another peak so we went straight and didn’t take the left towards another trail.

We continued toward Tan Chuk Hang towards the village.

We were amazed such beauty. So high up in the hills, breathing fresh air.

We continued down the steps.

Finally we reached the end.

We followed the sign board stating Tan Chuk Hang.

We came to this lovely village with lovely houses and loads of fruits, flowers and vegetables growing there.

We continued walking through a tiny path to the Nini bus stop.

Found a toilet too and loads of tiny fields filled with cabbage, lettuce, radishes and turnips.

We got a cab ( else you can take 56B mini bus to Fanling MTR) and took it back to Fanling MTR ending with some hot tea and egg sandwiches.

What a lovely start to the weekend. Enjoyed every bit amidst nature, babbling brooks and greenery everywhere.

Do try this one. It is beautiful.

Happy Hikin’!