Devil’s Peak – Easy

Tuesdays are easy hike days and so I decided to take my group ‘Hong Kong Hiking Chicks’ to Devil’s peak as it was a new hike for me too.

Devil’s Peak (Chinese: 魔鬼山) is the peak besides Lei Yue Mun on New Kowloon, Hong Kong. The area around the peak was garrisoned by the British Army or local pirates to control the passage of Lei Yue Mun, which is an important nautical passage in South China. The remains of a redoubt and batteries are still visible on the peak. ( Source Wikipedia)

How to get there: I took the Island Line ( from Sai Wan Ho) to Quarry Bay and interchanged to the Tseung Kwan O line ( Purple line) and finally exited at Yau Tong MTR exit A1.


My chicks all set at the MTR.

Duration of hike: 2 hours

Difficulty: 3/10 very historical hike. No climbing as such just a flight of steps at the start.

We crossed from the MTR walking through the escalators of Domain mall and continued walking towards Ko Chiu Road. We passed the Chinese Permanent Cemetery sign and kept walking up the road.

The road is sloped and that’s the only killer on this hike.

We could see the East side of the Island as we walked up the slope.

We passed this sitting area with the yellow banner and kept walking till we came to a sign stating Wilson trail . We crossed the road and climbed up the flight of steps.

We followed the Devil’s Peak sign.

We stopped at the first fortifications of Devil’s Peak.


A tiny temple in the ruins.

Loads of secret hiding places. 🙂

Wouldn’t want to see this at night.

Lovely sights of the island from the fortifications and the deep blue sea.


God is everywhere!


An Ant/ bee hive.

Passed this fascinating plant.. the picture doesn’t do justice.

We continued up the slope towards Devil’s peak.

The view got even better. I could spot my complex on the other side.

A short climb but totally worth it.

The ladies were excited, clicking pics, posing, taking in the lovely sights and history of this peak.

More fortifications.

We all were intrigued by these structures.

The gunners would shoot out from these small windows which were sloped to protect them from the enemy.

The scenery was lovely.

What a view!!

This was a maze indeed.

And down we went.

We followed the path and came across the Chinese cemetery.

We continued walking towards the Yau Tong route so that we could take the MTR back home.

We followed the arrow and came to distance post 023.

We took the way down as suggested by arrow.


Found these cute dolls.

We walked towards the MTR following the signs.

Finally we reached the MTR and posed near these lovely ceramic family.

And yes we posed with this family. What a lovely end to the Tuesday hike.

Devil’s peak is a must do with kids if they are interested in World War history.

I surely enjoyed this hike, going back in time.

Do try this hike people. You will enjoy it.

Happy hiking and Kung Hei fat Choi!

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