Quarry Bay Tree Walk – Easy

Decided to start the week with a short hike and so took my pup Dougie and we walked up Mount Parker at Quarry Bay to the Quarry Bay tree walk.

How to get there: take the MTR to Quarry Bay exit at A.

Go toward the Mount Parker Green Trail.

Duration: 1.5 hours at a relaxed pace with a dog

Difficulty: 2/10 only the mount Parker slope is a pain. The tree walk is lovely.

Saw a quaint little altar on the way up Mount Parker.

We climbed up slowly, with Dougie taking a sniff here and a sniff there.

I felt I was on a run as Dougie pulled me whenever he saw a leaf ruffling in the wind.

We passed the Woodside but couldn’t enter as as usual dogs not allowed so we carried on , on our way.

Finally we came to the entrance of the Quarry Bay tree walk.

Down we went. You know there’s loads of World War II remnants on this trail too.

Stores were set up by the Hong Kongers for food supplies during the Japanese invasion. Passed one Such dilapidated Store on the way where a tree is now growing through it.

We continued walking and found stoves used during the war.

A detailed board is set up giving details of the war and the remnants.

We carried on from there towards Kornhill.

We came across another set of stoves as we climbed down the steps.

We passed by a nice resting area. Sadly a man was on his phone rather than enjoying nature…. well I was clicking pics 😁

We walked down and decided to take a peek at the waterfall which is very close to the bridge that we crossed.

We went right held the or at least I held the rope , Dougie just jumped down and walked straight.

We came to this lovely waterfall … nothing compared to the Nam Cheung one but yes it was quaint and sweet.

A short video on this , however there is a lot of garbage around and sadly some come to wash their clothes.

Dougie enjoyed the water.


We then carried on back the same way to the Barbecue site very close to where we jumped down. We spotted an umbrella under a rock… left it there 😁

We continued towards Kornhill.

Spotted some sort of toilets on the way in case of emergency 😁

We continued down towards Kornhill and then Greig Road .

Saw a jackfruit and some lovely flowers in bloom.

Walked down straight to Greig Road and headed home.

Those who have to take the MTR you will end up near Taikoo MTR exit B.

This is the map of the trail that I got from my Apple Watch.

This is a lovely trail that you can do with your kids. They’ll enjoy this shaded path with greenery and also a bit of history.

Enjoy and be safe.

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  1. We tried this trail – it was great ! Our 6yo found the exhibition at Woodside very engaging. Thanks for the recommendation.

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