Aberdeen – Peel Rise to Wan Chai Gap Road – Easy

Today I decided to explore the South side of Hong Kong and decided to find some trail in Aberdeen. I took a cab to Aberdeen Peel Rise and walked up that trail.

Duration: 3 hours approx.

Kilometers: 10 km

Difficulty: 5/10 ( due to slopes and a few steps)

How do you get there: You can take the following buses 7 , 76 , 95 , 971 or Minibus 4B , 5 , 35M , 63 till Tin Hau Temple, Aberdeen. Then you climb up the slope and you will come to the Peel Rise Road. Keep climbing up the slope.

You will walk through the cemetery.

I kept walking up the slope and came to a junction so I took the right.

I followed the path. It was an easy walk.

Came across an abandoned shady place.

The views are lovely. Also cycling is not permitted on this trail. It’s a lovely family walk with kids as well as the elderly.

I took the Aberdeen upper reservoir path and continued up the slope.

There is a nice area to take a break too before you continue your walk up the slopes.

I took the Wan chai Gap route and took the left.

There are sign boards everywhere which makes it easier to find your way. I decided to continue on the Wan Chai Gap and skipped the reservoir path.

Lovely views of the hills and the foliage around.

I came to a board which stated Hong Kong Trail so I took the right and continued on the slope upwards.

A little further there was a board stating Hong Kong trail and different signs mentioning Peel Rise, Wan Chai Gap and Black Links. I followed the Black Links Trail as I felt the Wan Chai one would end too soon.

This is a beautiful trail. Rugged, rocky and picturesque just the way I like it.

I continued following the Black Links Middle Gap road trail.

Spotted some tiny water falls. I am sure during the rains it would have been a spectacular sight.

Do not walk too close to the edge as it’s a narrow path….but you will love it.


Beauty amongst the thrash.

Sighted some structures of World War II too.

Came across an old bridge and a lovely water body…can’t call it a waterfall 🙂

Keep walking and enjoy the lovely sights. I know I did. It is a wonderful feeling being in nature.

Keep following the Black Links Middle Gap road trail.

I came across this old structure which was used during the World War II as a hiding place. It gave me an eerie feeling but that did not stop me from hurriedly clicking a photo of the inside. I pushed in my camera and clicked and hurriedly walked away from this structure.

There’s a nice sitting area where you can relax and enjoy the view.

Keep walking on this concrete path.

Keep following the Black Links Middle gap road trail.

Keep walking …

This is the only steep flight of steps you have to climb. One board states Black Links and the other Wan Chai Gap Road you can take either, I took the Wan Chai Gap and continued on the trail.

I came across a grave in the middle of the trail.

Follow the Wan Chai gap road trail.

You will exit at this point. Keep walking down the slope. You will pass beautiful private houses.

Bananas anyone!

We come out at Middle Gap road, cross the road and go to the Wan Chai Gap road green trail path.

Just follow the directions and keep walking down the slope.

This is the end of the path of the Wan Chai Gap Road. Cross the road and walk through the Wan Chai market – Toy Street and you will reach the Wan Chai MTR on Johnston road the A3 exit.

So that’s your hike. A nice mix of concrete, terrain and steps. I enjoyed this 10 km hike with my camera in tow resembling a photographer.

You can take your kids too on this hike.

Happy Hiking!!

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