Cape D’ Aguilar Easy Trail – Easy

The Cape D’Aguilar Trail is an easy walk but the sights are breath taking.

How to get there: Take the MTR to ShauKeiwan and exit at A3.  There’s the bus terminus, take no. 9 bus that goes to Shek O. However you need to alight at the Cape D’Aguilar bus stop. ( Please note on Sundays the number 9 bus doesn’t always stop at Cape D’ Aguilar so check for the sign on the bus).

You need to alight at the bus stop and start walking down the road to your right as you alight.

Duration : 2 hours

Difficulty: 3/10 mostly a straight walk and a very gradual slope

I did this hike with my husband and son in summer one Sunday Evening.

Enjoy the lovely sights as you walk down the road.

We came across huge spiders on the way too from a distance though 🙂

Continue walking straight, past postboxes on your right. Do not take any left turn, just walk straight, till you reach the below pic.


You cannot enter this part but near this wall there is an opening and you walk along side. Keep going straight and then turn right near the speed bumps and continue walking.

You will come to a junction where one slope will be leading to the Lighthouse and the other to the Marine Reserve.

You can go to the lighthouse first since there’s not much to see.


A bit of the view from there.

Then you walk down and go towards marine reserve.


Enjoy the lovely views.

Keep walking towards the Marine reserve and then take a left just before the Marine reserve.


You will enter a cave.


Enjoy the sound of the waves lashing at the rocks. It was a wondrous site.

Once you exit this sight, walk towards the Marine reserve, you will get to see the skeletal of a whale.


You walk back the same way up.

Some beautiful sights.


Keep walking back to the number 9 bus stop that will take you back to the bus depot in Shaukeiwan.

This is a very easy, enjoyable walk to the Cape D’Aguilar Marine reserve and light house. You can take your kids. It is stroller friendly too. ( Just a small patch where it is a bit rugged, but manageable).

Do try this. Happy hiking.

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