Stanley Plaza to Tai Tam Reservoir – Easy

Today was a day of rest …Sunday, but restless me wanted to hike and explore new trails. So after having a humongous breakfast at Classifieds, Stanley I decided to walk up the escalators of Stanley Plaza and I crossed the road.

I kept walking and passed two parking lots till I came to a small slope. I was scared to venture into the unknown as I had passed signs of ‘Beware of Boars 🐗’ and ‘ Do not feed wild animals’ on the way. But I said my prayers and climbed up the slope.

I continued up the slope and came across lovely flowers , red leaves and lush greenery.

I came across some trees uprooted but that didn’t stop me, I continued to climb.

I came out on Stanley Gap road and spotted this old tree on a dilapidated structure to my right. I then turned left and walked to the sitting area just after Headland Road sign board.

I crossed the road to the bus stop on opposite side and found a set of steps. Curiosity got the better of me and I climbed up these not so steep steps.

At the end of these steps I reached the top which was the Stanley Catchment Water Reserve but instead of going right towards Wong Nai Chung I went left and continued walking.

I caught sight of these pretty trees with red leaves .
I continued walking ….I got a glimpse of Stanley from above.

Beautiful sights of the sea and some sailboats

Spotted some pine cones atop the fir tree.

If I was Tarzan I would swing on this.

I walked and walked till I finally reached a bridge.

There was an intersection-between the Twin peaks that’s Stanley peak and Violet Hill ( will cover in another blog). I saw a sign stating Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir and decided to follow it.

It was a lovely rugged , rocky path just the way I love it.

Snake hole ??

I had to walk with my feet apart 😁

Rocky terrain

I continued walking

And I came to a small bridge

Spotted the lovely water body

And I caught sight of the tai tam reservoir

Spotted beautiful red berries

And finally I came to the end of this path

I continued walking and then I reached the normal Tai Tam Reservoir path near barbecue pit number 3.

Finally I reached the Tai Tam bus stop waited for my husband and son to pick me up and had a lovely taxi drive home by a sweet female taxi driver.

So more details about this hike:

Difficulty – 5/10 only because of the rocky surface

You can take your kids they’ll love it.

How to get there- from Stanley plaza just keep walking to your left up Cape road till you pass two parking lots and spot the tiny slope.

Duration- nearly 1 hour 35 minutes at a quick pace.

Do try it.

It’s a mix of straight, slope and rocky.

Happy hiking .

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