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Sai Wan Ho Fort Morning Trail

I start my first blog with one of the easiest trails on Hong Kong Island ensconced near the Lei Yun Mun Holiday Village at Chai Wan; the Sai Wan Ho Fort Morning Trail. This is a very historical site with scenic views. For those interested in history there are details about how this fort was used during World War II by the Japanese and there are remnants of prisons too.

Information on the site:

How do you get there – take the MTR to Sai Wan Ho and just outside Exit A is the number 14 bus which takes you to Stanley. Alight at the Lei Yun Mun Holiday Village bus stop and turn left and walk up the slope.

To your right there will be a board stating Sai Wan Ho Fort Morning Trail. Start climbing those tiny steps 😁. < strong>Keep walking up those steps.Here my five month old puppy Dougie leading the way.You will be walking along the Lei Yun Mun Holiday Village which housed the British soldiers during World War II.To your right there will be a board stating Sai Wan Ho Fort Morning Trail. Start climbing those tiny steps 😁. Here we are. Keep walking and enjoy the lovely, gradual climb.We were entertained by this lovely old man’s radio which made our hike even more entertaining.Enjoy the lovely scenery whilst you climb up the trail.Curious Dougie Take some respite before you venture further.And we enter the Sai Wan Ho Fort where you will see prisons. Don’t worry there are wondrous sights to see too. 😁

I clicked pictures of the boards too if readers want to know more about the place.And you can walk around, relax in a sitting area below.And we continue uphill …Enjoy the blue skies and the views from above.Climb up these steps and you’ll get lovely picturesAnd down we go back the same way we climbed up.

Along the way you’ll come across sitting areas where you can relax and take in the views.

Wall around and you’ll see many structures used to store ammunition I guess.

And then we just walked back down the same way we got here, saying silent goodbyes to what may have taken place over 100 years ago. Passing by the prisons or iron bar cells.

This is a very easy trail, slight slope up but lovely views from the top.

If you like history then this is a must do hike.

10 thoughts on “Sai Wan Ho Fort Morning Trail”

  1. Excellent Charmaine…. Very well written…. One of my go to hikes when I don’t want to do any strenuous one…
    It is only because of you that I have started hiking…
    Cheers to many more


  2. Hi .. awesome write up and very detailed for HK novices like me. History and hiking .. awesome combo. Keep writing Charmaine. Cheers.

  3. This is great Charmaine….very well articulated! I have not been to this one yet but look forward to going there and to many more hikes with you.

    Cheers// Sarika

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